Do Students Need Self Storage?

Yes, they do. It might sound a bit off the wall, but when you think about it, students are a group of people who could benefit the most from self-storage. At AB Castle, we offer the best solutions for students who need some storage in the Sheffield area.

Why Students Would Benefit From Self Storage


Too Much Stuff!

It’s amazing how quickly a student flat or room in the Halls of Residence becomes cluttered, and we all know that clutter can be demotivating. Not something a student wants to deal with, especially with the amount of work they need to get through.

Among the possessions, students tend to accumulate are objects from various hobbies and interests they get involved in, but where do you put your paddleboard, canoe, kayak, bike, easels, or gym stuff when not in use? Student flats cannot accommodate many extras. This is where a cheap and protected self-storage unit would be the answer.

Long Uni Breaks

Moving from home to university and back again every break can get monotonous if you have to remove your belongings every time. Plus, your stuff seems to get more and more the longer you are away. Secure self-storage is a great way to keep your belongings safe. For example, you don’t have to pack up the kitchen sink when you leave uni for a break or worry about your stuff while away.

Following the pandemic, travelling is back on the agenda for many students. But leaving your stuff unattended can attract those that might be a little light-fingered or don’t have the same consideration for your possessions. So again, self-storage can be the best way to keep your books, docs, computers and other important possessions in one place, safe and easy to access.

What You Wouldn’t Give For Some Peace & Quiet

While shared accommodation can work very well, it can sometimes get noisy! That’s ok if you are part of the noise-making. But what if you are trying to study or write a paper? Have you thought about using a self-storage unit to get that much-needed peace & quiet? While you cannot live in a self-storage unit, you can use them as an interim or overflow office space. Of course, you would have to discuss with the storage company if they have the utilities you require, including electricity, bathroom facilities, and Wi-Fi.

5 Considerations When Using Student Self Storage Units


  • Location you need to make sure you can quickly and easily get to the self-storage unit. 
  • Access – check the times you can enter the storage facility.
  • Security – this can be security guards or 24/7 CCTV. Check how the self-storage is locked, by pin code or with a padlock?
  • Cost – this varies as on the location and size of the storage. You can quickly get a quote online. Some storage companies offer student discounts, or you may want to consider sharing the space with a friend.
  • Additional costs – you may want to consider insuring your belongings, especially when storing expensive items. Don’t forget to factor in costs like getting to and from the unit and a padlock if required, plus your deposit.

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