How Long Does It Take To Move Houses?

Moving House

At AB Castle, we are a professional removal company in Sheffield and we cover the surrounding areas. There are several factors are involved in moving house that dictates how long it will take. These include,

Buying Or Renting

If you are moving into a rented home, you can accomplish the move relatively quickly. Maybe even as soon as 2-3 weeks. If you hire a removal firm with a packing service, like AB Castle, this can reduce the time even more. 

Moving into a bought property can take from 8 – 22 weeks. This is a slightly more complicated move due to the legal components of purchasing a house. Plus, any purchasing chain can affect your move if the home is occupied or empty.

When Does The Time Take To Move Start?

A moving timeline can be from the moment you decide to sell your own home or when the actual physical move occurs. From the moment of deciding to move, the complete moving process can fluctuate by area, season and demand. In addition, most people purchase with a mortgage and the mortgage application period can vary considerably depending on circumstances.

Then there is making an offer and waiting for acceptance. Conveyancing, survey and inspection will also be required. All of which can take on average between 8 -12 weeks. However, this has been taking longer due to the pandemic in recent years.


If you need to renovate or just change the décor to suit yourself, this is probably best done before moving in, rather than working around your furniture. The time for this does depend on the work required. Getting reliable estimates for the time work will take is essential for your plans.

If you have to move out of your home before completion of any work, you may want to consider putting your furniture into storage. Renovations, painting and decorating proceed much faster without manoeuvring around furniture and personal belongings.

Preparing For The Physical Move

The time taken for moving your goods depends on how much furniture and personal belongings you have. For example, you can move a small one-person flat in one to two days. On the other hand, a four-bedroomed family home can take up to two months to be ready.

A move is an excellent opportunity to de-clutter. Also, decide what is important to take with you to your new home. 

Finding a reliable, reputable and insured firm that offers packing and storage choices should be started as soon as you know you are moving. If you have particularly large or complicated items to move, like pianos, look for removal firms, like AB Castle who specialise in moving these items.

To Pack, Yourself Or Not!

If you decide to have your removal firm come in and pack your items. This not only allows you more time to focus on your new home, but it increases the safe transport of moving your belongings when experts pack them. It is also the speediest option.

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