How Much Does A Removal Company Cost?

Moving house or your business? The sooner you start to plan, the better, especially if your want to keep to a budget. Having enough time to compare prices and decide which removal company suits your needs can only be accomplished by not leaving things until the last minute. At AB Castle, we offer removals in Sheffield and we also cover all surrounding areas.

Domestic Home Removals

On average, in 2022, moving a 3-bedroomed house in a 50-mile radius will cost around £1,200. This includes professional packing services along with the dismantling and reassembly of furniture.

Cost Breakdown Example

Loading & unloading £815

Packing services & materials £260

Dismantling & reassembly £125

Professional packing is a great way to save time and ensure your goods are packed safely for transport. The company usually includes the packing materials and boxes in the cost.

Certain furniture pieces, particularly large musical instruments, need expert handling to ensure it arrives safely, intact and functioning. The cost of this type of removal is in addition to the cost stated above and will depend on the size and location of the piano and where it is being located to. Most removal companies generally charge per cubic foot of space taken up by items. Companies vary in price for the footage, but the average cost per cubic ft is around £0.75 – £1.

Cost Breakdown For Removal Of A Piano

Local move within 50 miles 

Upright piano £80 – £155

Grand piano £210 – £310

Long-Distance Move Over 50 miles

Upright piano £155 – £320

Grand piano £320 – £620

Business Removals

When considering your budget for business relocation, you need to consider the following factors for the cost of actually moving your things

  • Distance travelled
  • Number of staff
  • Types of furniture
  • The packing & unpacking of your items

Approx cost of a business removal is between £3,000 and £10,000 in the UK.

Extra Costs To Consider In Both Business & Domestic Removals

Difficulty of Access

Some companies charge extra if access to the property is difficult. This can be an addition to their hourly rate or a fixed fee.


Occasionally you may need to store your items. Reliable removal companies can offer several storage options. Again, costs vary depending on,

  • Location, for example, London is more expensive, 
  • Security offered 
  • Size of container or storage
  • Time in storage 

Approx Costs of Storage

For one week

50 sq ft £25, 100 sq ft £48, 200 sq ft £95

For one month

50 sq ft £100, 100 sq ft £200, 200 sq ft £400

For 6 months

50 sq ft £600, 100 sq ft £1,200, 200 sq ft £2,400

Please bear in mind, these prices are averages across the UK. If you want an exact price, you should contact your removals company for a quote.


Always check with your removal company regarding their Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance. A Trip Transit insurance will cover your personal property whilst transported or in storage. 

Not all homeowners insurance covers damage during a home move, so it is worth checking if your policy includes Household Removal Cover.

Quotes For Removals

It is advisable to ask for several quotes from reputable companies to find the one that meets your requirements. You can contact the AB Castle team to answer any queries on storage, home or business removals that you have.

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