How To Safely Prepare Your Piano

Moving a piano requires proper preparation to ensure its safe transport and avoid any damage. Before the professional piano movers arrive, follow these essential steps to safely prepare your piano for the journey before the professional piano removal team arrives:

Gather the Right Tools

Having the appropriate tools and equipment is crucial when preparing a piano for a move. Make sure you have everything you need before you start the process. This may include padding or blankets to protect the piano, packing tape to secure the padding in place, straps or ropes to fasten the piano to a dolly or piano skid board, and a dolly or piano skid board to transport the piano safely. Having these tools readily available will help you streamline the process and ensure that you can properly prepare your piano for the upcoming move.

Protect the Finish

Pianos are delicate instruments with sensitive finishes that can easily get scratched or dented during a move. To prevent any damage, use padding or blankets to cover the entire surface of the piano. Make sure the padding is thick enough to provide adequate protection, and use packing tape to secure it in place. Avoid using plastic wraps directly on the piano, as they can trap moisture and potentially damage the finish. Taking the time to properly pad and protect the finish of your piano will go a long way in ensuring its safety during the move.

Secure the Lid and Keyboard

The lid and keyboard of a piano are particularly vulnerable during a move. To protect them, close and secure the piano lid using a lock or packing tape. If possible, also lock the keyboard cover. This will help prevent the lid and keyboard from accidentally opening or getting damaged during transit. If your piano doesn’t have a lock, use packing tape to secure the lid and keyboard cover tightly. Taking this extra step will provide an additional layer of protection for your piano’s delicate components.

Remove Accessories

Before moving your piano, it’s important to remove any accessories that can be easily detached, such as music stands, legs, or pedals. These accessories can be fragile and prone to damage during transport. Carefully detach them from the piano and wrap them separately in padding to protect them from scratches or other potential damage. It’s also a good idea to label these accessories and keep them in a safe place, so they can be easily reassembled once you reach your destination. Properly handling and storing these removable accessories will help ensure that they remain in good condition throughout the move.

Lift with Caution

If you encounter stairs during the piano move, exercise extreme caution. Moving a piano up or down stairs can be particularly challenging and risky. It’s highly recommended to hire professional piano movers with experience in navigating stairs, as they will have the proper techniques and equipment to handle this task safely. If you do attempt to move a piano on stairs yourself, make sure you have a sufficient number of people to help, use proper lifting techniques, and take your time. Safety should be the top priority when navigating stairs with a piano.

Use Extra Caution on Stairs

If you need to move the piano up or down stairs, exercise extreme caution. It’s best to hire professional piano movers for this task to ensure proper techniques and equipment are used.

By following these steps, you can safely prepare your piano for a move and ensure it’s in the best possible condition when the professional piano movers arrive. Remember, if you’re not confident in your ability to safely move a piano, it’s best to hire experienced piano movers such as AB Castle to ensure the best possible protection for your valuable instrument.

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