What To Do With All Your Belongings When You Move

Consider giving away your belongings to friends or family

If you’re moving locally, you might be tempted to just throw away all your old stuff. But don’t be so quick to get rid of everything – your friends and family members might actually need some of your things! Before you start packing up for your move, take a look around your house and see if there’s anything that someone you know could use.

Chances are, there’s at least one thing that would be perfect for someone else. And not only will you be helping out a friend or family member, but you’ll also save yourself the trouble of having to move that item! So before you start getting rid of all your old stuff, think about whether someone else might need it first. AB Castle is a removals company that has been in the industry for generations.

Try selling your belongings online

If you’re moving out of town or county, you may be wondering what to do with all your stuff. After all, you can’t take everything with you, and it can be expensive to move large items long distances. Fortunately, there’s a solution that’s both convenient and cost-effective: selling your belongings online. Thanks to the internet, it’s easy to reach a wide audience of potential buyers, regardless of where they live.

Plus, you can often get more money for your items by selling them online than you would by selling them locally. So if you’re moving out of your town or county, don’t forget to take advantage of the power of the internet and sell your belongings online.

Don’t forget about charity

Ready to get rid of some of your old stuff? Before you drag it out to the curb, consider giving it to charity. There are many organizations that will gladly take your unwanted furniture, clothes, and other household items. Not only will you declutter your home, but you’ll also help those in need.

So before you start loading up the car, be sure to check with a local charity to see what they accept. You’ll be able to clear out your home and feel good about doing it.

Temporary storage

These units are ideal for short-term storage, and they’re perfect for people who are in the process of moving. They’re also a great option for people who need to store extra belongings, such as seasonal decorations or furniture.

When choosing a temporary storage unit, it’s important to consider your needs and budget. Units vary in size, so you’ll need to find one that’s big enough to accommodate your belongings. You’ll also want to make sure that the unit is secure, so you can feel confident leaving your things there. And finally, be sure to check the price tag – temporary storage units can be expensive, but it’s worth it if it means you can avoid having to rent a storage space in your new city.


Moving is never an easy task, but we hope that our tips have made it just a little bit easier for you. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, just remember that there are people who can help – whether it’s your friends and family, a consignment shop, or even a rubbish removal service. And don’t forget about charity organizations!

They’ll be more than happy to take some of your unwanted belongings off your hands. Good luck with your move! Get in touch with us today for removals or storage needs.

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